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My Leadder S3x 4G Smartphone, 5.5 inch, 8WP camera

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    Prix De Detail 1-9 FCFA44,440
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    Stock : 144 PCS
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    FCFA 44,440
Model : S3x Marque : MY LEADDER
Network Type : Four Bluetooth : Yes ROM : 16GB
Operating System : Android 5.1 Material : . Product Weight : 239g
Screen Size : 5.5 inch Battery Capacity : 3000mAh RAM : 2GB
SIM Quantity : 2

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My Leadder Appliance - Good quality low price

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Fournisseur Verifier :
Societe : Amanbo
Experience : Established
Region : Cameroon|Bafoussam

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My Leadder S3x 4G Smartphone, 5.5 inch, 8WP camera

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